• Aerospace ——

  • --Solutions and services for Aerospace materials, which require high performance, such as lightweight, high strength and stiffness, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, tenacity and good fatigue resistance etc..This covers materials such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, alloy steel, titanium alloy, composite materials, etc..


    --High-precision five-axis machines and turn-mill machines to meet aerospace requirements with Hi-Mix low volume, complex structure, tight tolerances, stable quality, and even hard-to-machine metals, typical of aircraft engine components etc.


    --Our core technicians have been specialized in Aircraft sheet metal manufacturing over 30 years, they have knowledge of Aerospace special surface treatments, along with rich experience in the properties of both the Aircraft sheet metal and parts after production to meet the required service.


    --Parts are traceable throughout their life cycle ensured by our specialized QES system which is based on the concept of traceability management of AS9100. The purpose of QES system is to achieve flexible lean production and the quality management system with clear operation standard and detailed records.

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